As I was in the car with my mom the other night we were talking about up coming shows and who is show able. This thirty minuet long car ride brought up topics of selling, showing and of coarse breeding. We all know there is nothing uglier than those little skin bags that you get after twenty eight to thirty days of waiting but yet we still fall in love. We decided Sydney will be bred soon (within this month) so I have babies to sell at spring shows and young seniors at fair. We also have come up with the idea of having four week old babies at our county far for the public to see the cute furry babies. This isn’t and original idea My ARBA youth club leader used to do this and it made the public happy to see them. At the end of the day that’s what the whole fair is about, making people happy, meeting more people, teaching the public about the animals we love and live for and to have fun while doing it. With all these new responsibilities i'm ganging as a freshman in high school it makes it harder to spend all my free time with all my bunnies but I still manage to do it. Rabbits are still my life and I have to admit that when I get stressed out nothing beets it than going into the barn and snuggling with a soft and cuddly mini lop. When they snuggle up under your chin all those stresses go away. They know my week spot. So this new year that is already going by so fast I plan to yet again have my rabbitry grow, increase my colors and blood lines and over all have a healthy showing year for both me and all of my wonderful mini lops.

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